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We have two basic goals here. One is to get you quickly online and able to communicate your life and ministry to those who follow and support your work through the incredible medium of the internet, and more specifically, through blogging tools. Our second goal is simply to glorify God by encouraging more missionaries to share their lives and work and what God is doing.


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AIMstories is where you can find the best stories of God at work among the ministries of Africa Inland Mission—a Christian mission agency dedicated to the vision of seeing Christ-centered churches established among all African peoples.

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AIMstories More articles and content you can repost on your blog
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Recent Posts from the AIMsites Blogverse

The First Thanksgiving November 28, 2015

    No pilgrims or indians, just a bit about us and our first big American holiday in Africa. Thursday came and went. The kids went to school as usual. Nate went to work (which … Read more

B Positive November 28, 2015

            There are some things, that when they happen, they make me think, “This is something that would not have happened in America.” Most of the time it’s a quick … Read more

News from Adi November 28, 2015

This morning Tamsin had to go to the hospital for ward rounds. I went with her to see a patient. The wife of my friend and worker (and chief of Adi) Nghota.   Anguse was … Read more

safe in Namibia November 26, 2015

We have arrived in Namibia with all our luggage and team.  God continues to work miracles as the immigration officer delayed us at the airport but finally let us enter.   We are staying at … Read more

Angels Unaware November 21, 2015

On the final day of our four-day Faith Walk, Jackson, TN, we were returning to Jackson from the Memphis area. While uncertain of the time, we Believers were confident that our Servant hosts still had … Read more

Life’s little reminders November 20, 2015

This week marked one year since we were officially approved to become missionaries with A.I.M. and pursue this dream God had laid on our hearts to reach the lost of Africa. I was reminded of … Read more

First shipment of maize! and Pahi Trip November 16, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you for praying! The truck with 100 sacks of maize that we thought would never show, actually pulled in to Usandawe last Wednesday (9 days after their intended arrival), so … Read more

Pics from Pahi trip November 16, 2015