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We have two basic goals here. One is to get you quickly online and able to communicate your life and ministry to those who follow and support your work through the incredible medium of the internet, and more specifically, through blogging tools. Our second goal is simply to glorify God by encouraging more missionaries to share their lives and work and what God is doing.


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AIMstories is where you can find the best stories of God at work among the ministries of Africa Inland Mission—a Christian mission agency dedicated to the vision of seeing Christ-centered churches established among all African peoples.

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Recent Posts from the AIMsites Blogverse

The “Land Lover” June 25, 2016

The African pastor and I had braved the rain and mud. He had asked me to take him to a distant church to attend a church council meeting, a long way from the mission station, … Read more

Fear the Ants. June 24, 2016

Kimberly here. I have a confession. I’m afraid of ants. This isn’t a fear newly found in Africa, rather it has compounded greatly since living these past 2 years in Kenya. The reason: Siafu. Otherwise … Read more

The Gulf That Separates June 22, 2016

Between Kijima and Misasi there was a river called the Ng’wami (or Mwami). It held water in spots year round; in a good season of rains it flooded over a wide area. It demarcated a … Read more

The bow part1 June 22, 2016

So this will be a two part blog post.  Currently I only have enough photos and information but will share more in part 2 when I can.  I wanted to go ahead and share this … Read more

Lancaster County wins my heart June 21, 2016

I enjoy living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The fields of wheat and corn. The miniature horse farms and quilt stores. The farmers and plows. The cows and sheep and ducks and geese.  Clotheslines full of clean … Read more

Evangelistic Safari #1 June 21, 2016

My early experience to primary evangelism was soon after I arrived on the field in 1956. My Chev pickup truck, my Bogen 50 watt amplifier (BIG speakers and record-player [remember those?]) unit, “Gospel Recordings” music … Read more

May Miracles! June 20, 2016

The month of May has been an absolute whirlwind. At the beginning of this month… our financial status was a little over 40% in monthly support. At the beginning of this month…our prayer and encouragement … Read more

May and June June 20, 2016

The past few months have been quite full. We had a few big goodbyes as all our missionary neighbors went on home assignment. We miss them! The campus has been quiet since the end of … Read more