AIMsites is a blogging tool for Africa Inland Mission volunteers, and a place where stories from the mission field are brought together under one roof.

We have two basic goals here. One is to get you quickly online and able to communicate your life and ministry to those who follow and support your work through the incredible medium of the internet, and more specifically, through blogging tools. Our second goal is simply to glorify God by encouraging more missionaries to share their lives and work and what God is doing.


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Since 2008, AIMsites has grown to host over 300 blogs for Africa Inland Mission volunteers, with thousands and thousands of stories of God’s work throughout the continent of Africa.

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AIMstories is where you can find the best stories of God at work among the ministries of Africa Inland Mission—a Christian mission agency dedicated to the vision of seeing Christ-centered churches established among all African peoples.

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Recent Posts from the AIMsites Blogverse

Farewell for Now October 25, 2016

Things have been difficult recently. Only a few people have known what has happened but slowly now the word is getting out. About a month ago AIM told our team that they were disbanding the team. Here … Read more

pumpkin pies and power outages October 24, 2016

Last week we enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, stuffed to bursting and all good manner of harvest foods and fall favourites. The day brought back memories for each of us, and we reflected on the … Read more

Bringing in the Dowry…a Timeless Kenyan Tradition October 22, 2016

After a two and half hour drive through Nairobi and past the small bedroom community of Machakos, we finally arrived at Masii, an extra small community in ‘up-country’ Kenya. We followed the not so clear … Read more

“Signs” in the Swamp October 21, 2016

Yes, it’s raining but not too hard. The main mbuga (swamp) has some water in it but not very deep. With the Land Rover we can safely make our way across. We better make a trip … Read more

Presentations & Pumpkins October 17, 2016

It’s officially fall.  It’s one of my favorite seasons.  Pumpkin decorations have begun to surround us and the temperature has been refreshing.  I’ve gotten out the kids jackets to transition from the cooler morning air … Read more

October 17, 2016


The Other Side Conflict Resolution- When Skills Aren’t Enough October 17, 2016


You have Calmed and Quieted My Soul October 16, 2016

When we first knew God was calling us to ministry overseas, we thought our professions as teachers would be such a benefit. We were absolutely not going to go into ministry where we had to … Read more