AIMsites Blogs will be decommissioned in 2019. Please read below if you are using AIMsites for your blog.

–On Field Media

Dear AIMsites User,
This page outlines plans to decommission AIMsites by the end of 2019. Please read on and see how this might affect you.
A quick history: AIMsites was created in December 2007 by a just-formed On Field Media ministry. We were addressing the need for missionaries to communicate using the internet at a time when websites were still difficult to build and there were few options. The “multisite” framework of AIMsites made it easy for any AIMer to sign up for a blog and use a custom template to get started. But because AIMsites was built when WordPress was still very new, much of it was custom-coded.
Fast forward to 2019, and the structure that OFM built back in 2007 is showing serious signs of aging – making it difficult to keep running well. Since it has a lot of custom code, it has also fallen out of sync with the new and improved WordPress that’s available today.
Use of the AIMsites network is also steadily declining. Active users (those who have updated their blog in the last 12 months) went from 40% in 2015 to only 15% in 2018. What this likely means is that former AIMsites users have found other ways to communicate (likely social media has had an effect here).
The combination of an old network falling into disrepair, diminishing demand, and a vastly improved landscape for other options that are affordable and easy to use, has led OFM to the conclusion that it’s time to retire AIMsites.
  • Our target for archiving the network is October 1, 2019

  • Between now and then, you will need to determine if you want to save the content on your AIMsites blog, and/or transfer your content and continue blogging in another place. The link below will help walk you through that process. 

  • OFM will keep the domain active for a few more years, and we will offer domain forwarding – So if you have an aimsites domain printed on your prayer cards or elsewhere, it can be forwarded to a new blog, your facebook page, or another address. You will have to let us know if you want domain forwarding set up.

As you determine the best course of action for your needs, we recommend you first read through the instructions we’ve outlined in the link below.

–The On-Field Media Team